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About FastCart - Free Shopping Cart for WorldPay
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Free Shopping Cart for WorldPay

Shopping Cart Features

FastCart is packed with features, far too many to list here. All features are easily configured from the FastCart Control Panel, using simple web based admin.

Features Summary

Some of the features currently supported by the FastCart shopping cart include:

 • Unlimited products
 • Any currency
 • Any tax rates (or none at all)
 • Optional separate delivery address
 • Customisable payment emails to retailer
 • Fully customisable shopping cart
 • Multiple shipping options
 • Multiple languages
 • Online orders database
 • and many more ....

Features Overview

Customisable Shopping Cart
FastCart has a range of options for customising your shopping cart. Basic customisation can be as simple as using your own logo and company name. Or you can fully customise FastCart to match your website using your own header and footer files. These can include your own text if you want. You can also use your own custom shopping cart buttons with FastCart.

Multiple Languages
FastCart can be set up in various languages including English, French, German and Swedish. Default shopping cart buttons are available in all available languages. If you prefer, you can use your own custom buttons.

Multiple Shipping Options
FastCart has a range of shipping options, allowing you to set virtually any shipping fees you want to. Options include shipping by quantity, by weight or by value, with minimum, maximum or fixed rates for shipping. Multiple shipping zones allow you to set different shipping rates (or types) for different countries. Default shipping zones are provided for new users and those that want to set up quickly. Of course, you don't have to use shipping fees if you don't want to - the choice is yours.

Customisable Post Payment Emails
Following each transaction, the FastCart shopping cart sends you an email listing the customer details (and delivery address if different) as well as the products ordered and the amount paid and any other information. FastCart can also send an order confirmation email to the shopper - you can customise this with your own text.

Unlimited Products
FastCart allows you to have unlimited products on your site. FastCart is a remote shopping cart, totally separate from your website, so will not interfere with your website.

Any Currency, Any Tax Rates
FastCart works with over 120 currencies - the same currencies accepted by WorldPay. FastCart allows any tax rates to be set up - or no tax at all. Why not set up multiple websites for different countries?

Optional Features
FastCart includes many optional features such as separate delivery address, a customisable comments box for feedback and so on.

Affiliate Systems
FastCart will work with virtually any affiliate systems allowing you to promote your products on numerous other websites.

Need To Know More?

For a quick quide, take a look at how FastCart works and read through some of the features included in the shopping cart and the control panel.

Why not try the FastCart shopping cart for yourself? Create a test page with a few Add to Cart buttons - just follow the instructions for creating links and the example code on the other pages. Use our test ID of 1223 as shown in the example code. If you can do this, you can use FastCart - it really is that simple!

Sign Up for the FastCart Shopping Cart

If you've had a look around and you'd like to use FastCart, simply sign up online. FastCart will cost just £4.40 per month.
Free Shopping Cart
Works With Any Website
Accept All Major Credit & Debit Cards
Accept PayPal Through WorldPay
Fully Customisable
Easy To Set Up
No Software To Install
No Experience Required
Wide Range Of Shipping Options
Wide Range Of Promotion Codes
Supports Downloads
and much much more ...

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