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Self Help

FastCart is designed to be simple to set up and simple to use. However, some merchants will inevitably have difficulty or problems at some point. Although we provide full support for FastCart users, we must ask that you follow the procedures below to save time and resolve problems quickly and easily.

Basic Support Procedures

1)Read the setting up instructions on this site carefully and ensure that you have set up your FastCart account correctly. Test your site and FastCart account carefully to ensure that everything works as you want it to.
2)If you are unsure how to set up shipping rates or other features, or what certain features do, follow the instructions in the control panel to set the features up and experiment. Spending a bit of time on the setup now will save you more time later on and will ensure you are charging the correct amounts for shipping and tax.
3)If you have problems, check the FastCart Help section of this site. You should find most of the answers you need covered in the help files.

Contacting Us For Support

If the answers you need are not covered in the rest of this site and you need to contact us for help and support, you must tell us:
• Your Name (so that we know who you are)
• Your Web Address (so that we know which company you represent)
• Your FastCart account number (because some companies have more than one FastCart account)
• Any error messages you receive and precise details of the problem (simply saying "FastCart isn't working" doesn't help us to help you)
• The URLs and details for any products you are having difficulty with (so that we know where to start checking problems)
• Whether the problems occur all the time or are intermittent
• What you have done to try and resolve the problem
• Any other information that may be relevant

Sorry if much of the above seems obvious, but some FastCart users DO send support requests saying "FastCart isn't working" without giving us any other information or without telling us who they are or their account details. Without the information above, there is little or nothing we can do to provide support.

It is easier to provide URLs and links by email than over the telephone, so therefore we currently only provide support by email. Please to contact us for support.
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