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Website Membership Systems

We can provide website membership systems for almost any type of website requiring paid memberships, such as dating sites, games sites and so on. Our membership systems can be added to existing websites or we can build your entire website.

All website membership systems are designed to use WorldPay FuturePay Repeat Billing, allowing you to collect payments automatically at regular intervals (monthly / quarterly / annually etc). A full Customer Management System is included with all website membership systems.

Website Membership System Features

Our website membership systems are suitable for all types of membership based websites, e.g. dating sites, forums, education sites, and so on. Our membership systems include:
  • member registration
  • member login/out
  • multiple payment options
  • automated access after payment
  • automated suspensions or cancellations for non-payment
  • automated payment reminders
  • full integration with WorldPay FuturePay repeat billing
Almost any other features can be built in as required. Our systems are built in PHP and MySQL and are fully integrated with your existing website, or we can build your entire website if required.

How Our Systems Work
Potential members register on your site and their details are saved in the membership database. They receive an email confirming their registration, together with their login details. They also see the payment (subscription) options. Clicking a button takes them to the payment page where they enter their credit card details. Once payment has been made, the member has full access to your website (or can be restricted until you have manually verified their payment).

Repeat payments are then automatically collected from the member's credit cards at the specified intervals (e.g. every month), ensuring the member has uninterrupted access to your website. If the member's payment fails (card expired / no funds etc) membership is automatically suspended (if required) - the member will also be sent an email saying that their payment wasn't received, with instructions for making payments to regain full access. Upon receipt of payment, membership is automatically granted again.

At all times, you have total control of membership access. You can override access for any member as required.

Our Membership Systems in Action
Our membership systems have been installed on various websites such as those below.

DVD Rental SiteDVD Rental Site
The member registers online then chooses their desired service level and payment frequency by clicking one of the payment buttons and making their first payment. Once payment is received, DVDs are posted out to that member until their payments are cancelled. This system also includes a free trial period.
Dating SiteDating Site
The member registers online and can browse other member details. The member then chooses the required payment frequency by clicking the appropriate payment button and subscribing online. Once payment is received, full membership is automatically allowed and the member can begin sending chatting with other members.
Dog Agility Training SiteDog Agility Training Site
This site is integrated with web forums. The member registers online and chooses the appropriate payment option. Once payment is received, the member has full access to the web forums.

Customer Management System

All of our website membership systems include a full customer management system, providing you with total control of your member accounts. Our customer management systems allow you to allow or restrict memberships, edit member details, change membership levels, email individual members or groups of members, check payments due or received and so on. Additional features such as statistics can be added as required.

The following screenshots are from various membership customer management systems we have built for our customers. The screenshots don't show all features available - these are just a few examples from the many systems we have set up.

Member List
List members or groups of members with summary details of status and payment dates. Various sorting options including name, next payment due, membership number, status and so on. Search boxes allow you to search the entire customer database quickly and easily.

Member Details
View account and payment details for any member. Includes billing address, payment dates, service levels (if required), card type, AVS / CVV results from last payment, current status, username and password and more.

One-click links are provided to send username / password reminders, payment reminders, or other emails as required - simply click the link and the email is sent.

All account information can be edited quickly and easily. Membership access can be granted or denied within seconds.

Optional Extras
Other account information can be included as required, helping you provide rapid support to your members or to monitor usage. For example, DVD rental customer management system includes lists of DVDs currently required, DVDs sent etc. Dating site customer management system includes links to view / review member profiles. FastCart customer management system includes customer settings that we may need to check or test.

Statistics can show basic or complex information - anything from the number of current members to a full breakdown of income and service levels, member login or usage frequency, performance data and so on. Need automated VAT invoicing with ability to export payment information to CSV file for import into Excel? No problem!

We're happy to discuss and suggest optional extras that we can build in to your customer management system.

More Information

System Requirements
Our customer management systems are built in PHP using MySQL databases and installed on your web site / web server. If you do not have PHP and MySQL available on your web servers, we can host your website for you. You will also require a WorldPay account with FuturePay Repeat Billing.

Installation Timescales
Basic customer management systems can be developed and integrated with your website and the WorldPay FuturePay system in as little as 1-2 weeks, depending on requirements. Optional extras can be added at any time.

Estimated Costs
As a guide, a basic customer registration and customer management system will cost in the region of £2000, including the member registration and login/logout and the ability to monitor member payments and control member access. Additional costs will apply for extra features. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to receive a full quote.

WorldPay FuturePay Repeat Billing

FuturePay is WorldPay's automated repeat billing solution, ideal for all types of repeat payment service such as website memberships, charity donations and so on. Shoppers (members) make one initial payment to you. All further payments are collected automatically at regular intervals (e.g. monthly / quarterly etc).

To find out more about WorldPay and FuturePay and to sign up for a discounted WorldPay account, please see the following pages:
Discounted WorldPay Account
FuturePay Repeat Billing
WorldPay Application Form
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Accept All Major Credit & Debit Cards
Accept PayPal Through WorldPay
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No Software To Install
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Supports Downloads
and much much more ...

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