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FrontPage / Dreamweaver / Flash and Other Software

You can use any web design software to build your website, but please read these notes first.

HTML / Web Design Software

Users of site building software such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver can use FastCart. It does not matter what software you use to build your site so long as you can create the links properly. Some website building software is known to "modify" code and links - just take extra care that you have added the links properly and test them thoroughly to ensure that they work properly.

We recommend that you create your web pages in your chosen software, leaving space for shopping cart buttons, and save the pages as HTML files. Then create your FastCart buttons in a text editor (Notepad / Wordpad etc) following the instructions on our website. Then copy and paste the button code into your HTML pages. This may be more reliable than letting the software create the buttons for you.


You can use FastCart with Flash websites. However, we don't recommend building entire websites in Flash as you will have difficulty getting your sites ranked in search engines - if people don't find your site, they can't buy your products.


Please note that we cannot help you solve problems with using your software. If you have problems adding correct links, refer firstly to the documentation for your software. If that doesn't help, use a search engine to find forums for people using the same software as you - there may be someone there who can help. If you still have no luck, contact the software authors for help.

If you continue having problems with your software, consider employing a web designer / web developer.
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