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Setting Up WorldPay Payment Response

This page briefly explains what the WorldPay Payment Response is and how to set up your WorldPay account to return data to FastCart. The Payment Response is essential.

Please note that the Payment Response was formerly known as the Callback - it works in exactly the same way as the callback, only the name has changed.

What is the WorldPay Payment Response?

The WorldPay Payment Response returns information from the WorldPay payment page to a "callback" or "payment response" script on your website. The WorldPay Payment Response will send different information depending on whether the shopper completes or cancels the purchase. Your payment response script can do anything you want it to do with the returned data, including sending emails with customer / order information, saving data to a database and presenting a completion or cancellation page to the shopper.

FastCart has it's own built-in payment response script meaning that you do not need to write your own payment response script. When the shopper completes a transaction, the FastCart payment response sends you (the retailer) an email containing the customer (cardholder) details, the delivery address (if different to the cardholder's address). the amount paid, the total cost of shipping, the list of products ordered and the prices of each item, and any comments / message (if the optional comments / message box is used).

The FastCart payment response script also displays either an order confirmation page or an order cancellation page, depending on whether the shopper has completed the transaction or not.

Setting up the WorldPay Payment Response

Log into your WorldPay Merchant Administration Interface (your WorldPay account) then click Installations in the left hand column. Then click the icon in the Production column for your chosen Select Junior installation. Then:

1)Enter the Payment Response URL as given in your FastCart setup email
2)Tick the checkboxes for Payment Response Enabled and Enable Shopper Response
3)Set your Payment Response Password - choose any password you like and make a note of it (you will need to enter exactly the same password into the Payment Response Password field in the FastCart control panel in Step 2 of the setup instructions). Note that you need to enter the Payment Response Password in 2 boxes on the same line in the WorldPay page
4)Click Save Changes

Then move on to step 2 of the FastCart Setup Guide.

When you have finished steps 1 to 3 of the FastCart Setup Guide, you should now be ready to test the WorldPay Payment Response with your FastCart account and make test transactions using FastCart and your WorldPay account.
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