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Help! - FastCart Error Messages

This page lists the standard FastCart error messages and the causes and cures.. Please note that payment page error messages are on the WorldPay Payment Page Errors page.
Invalid User ID
Cause 1: The user ID given in the product link to FastCart could not be found in the FastCart databases. Check that you have entered the correct user ID in the product link.

Cause 2: The FastCart account for the given user ID has been terminated or suspended. You will need to contact us to reinstate your FastCart account or to set up a new FastCart account.

Error 2022
Error 1103
These and other numeric error codes generally indicate that the FastCart database could not be accessed. This may be because FastCart or the web servers are undergoing maintenance / upgrades. Wait an hour and try again, and if the same problem occurs, please contact us.

Please note that maintenance normally takes place in the early hours at weekends to minimise disruption. You should not normally see these error messages unless you're up at 3am on a Sunday morning!

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