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Help! - Post-Payment Emails Not Working

The page covers email notifications to merchants (retailers).
Following each transaction, FastCart sends the merchant an email notification of the order with customer, delivery, product and payment details. This notification is sent to the email address given as the contact email address. If you have problems with email notification, please use the following procedures:

Procedures for Resolving Email Problems

1) Check your email is workingCheck that your email is working and that you are collecting email from the correct mailbox. This is generally the email address used in FastCart where it says "Contact (merchant name)". Do not simply assume that your email is working, send yourself a couple of emails and see if you can receive them normally.

We recommend that you use a genuine mailbox on your domain name, ie, Avoid using free email providers (Hotmail / Yahoo) as they may filter or trash the emails. Avoid using email aliases / email forwarding - collect email directly from the mailbox it is sent to.
2) Check your email address in FastCartCheck that you have set up the correct email address in the Company Details page. It is easy to make a simple mistake.
3) Check your payment response
(callback) settings
If your email is working correctly, check that your WorldPay payment response is set up correctly. Log into your WorldPay account and check your settings. Check that your payment response failure checkbox is not ticked - if so, correct the fault and proceed to step 4.

You may need to check the instructions in the setup email we sent you and in the WorldPay Payment Response page.
4) Make a test purchaseMake a purchase from your site to ensure that the payment response works correctly and that you receive the post-payment emails. Following payment the shopper should be redirected to a FastCart Order Completion page. This is clearly marked as such and looks like other FastCart pages. If you see the FastCart Order Completion page then the payment response has worked normally and emails should have been sent, so proceed to 5.

If you do not see the Order Completion page, go back to step 3 and check your payment response settings again.
5) Emails received?If your payment response is set up correctly and you see the Order Completion page following the transaction, FastCart will send emails to you. If you do not receive these, try using another email address with FastCart - enter it using the FastCart control panel then repeat step 3.

Also please remember to check Trash / Junk folders, check that spam filters allow emails from FastCart.

The above procedures tell you everything you need to know about receiving post-transaction emails. If you still cannot receive post-transaction emails, you need to keep checking and testing as above until you do receive them.


You should note that there are many potential points of failure that are simply beyond our control, such as your ISP or web host being down, or your mailbox being full or your email software not working properly. We cannot be held responsible for failures of systems outside of our control. If your WorldPay payment response is set up correctly, FastCart will send emails.

Missing Email Notifications

If you have missed / lost / deleted email notifications, you can obtain customer and order details from the FastCart online orders database in the FastCart control panel. You must be logged in to your FastCart account to access the orders database.

You should note that if emails were missing because you had not set up your Payment Response, the order details will not be in the Online Orders database or anywhere else.
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