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Help! - Common Problems / FAQs

This page covers some of the common, basic problems that you or your shoppers may experience and provides information to help you test and resolve problems as quickly as possible.

Shopper Problems

Most problems reported by shoppers are not caused by FastCart, they are either misunderstandings on the part of the shopper, or they are incorrect setup by the merchant. In the event that a shopper reports a problem to you, you should try to replicate and resolve the problem yourself - this is quicker than asking us for support. The faster you resolve a problem for a shopper, the greater your chances of making that sale.

If the shopper has difficulty, obtain as much information as possible, including what the actual problem is, when it occurs, the data being used (products / prices / cardholder details) and anything else that may be relevant. Ensure that the shopper gives you all the information you need. Then try to replicate the problem using the information below.

Common Problems

Disappearing cart contentsThere are three main causes:
1) Frames / framed forwarding - running FastCart within a frames based site prevents FastCart from reading the session cookie. See the frames page for information about frames based sites and opening FastCart in new windows.

2) No Cookies - shoppers must have cookies enabled to use FastCart. Some people use software that blocks cookies or set their browsers incorrectly. Ask shoppers to reset browser security settings to the default settings and to turn off any software that blocks cookies.

3) Server session has expired. This will happen if the shopper leaves the site for more than 10-20 minutes, or if the shopper remains inactive on the FastCart sites for 10-20 minutes or closes their browser. They will have to start shopping again.
Product / price problemsSelect the same products (and options) that the shopper selected. Check that the products are added to FastCart correctly, that the correct price is shown, that you can change the quantity of the products and that you can delete the product from FastCart.

If there are any problems or you are unable to delete the product, check that the product details and price in your links are correct - check especially for invalid characters in your links - best to use only alpha-numeric characters where possible. If you find problems, correct them, close all browser windows (to destroy information retained in server sessions) then repeat this step.
Contact details problemsEnter the same contact details that the shopper used. The shopper may have missed certain fields out or they may have entered invalid data. Correct the details used and notify the shopper that the details they gave were incorrect.
Tax problemsAdd the same products to your cart that the shopper added. Each time you add a product, check that the correct amount of tax is applied. If not, make a note of the products added and the order in which they were added. Then check your settings to ensure you have set the correct tax rates. If you adjust the tax rates, repeat the tests with the same products to check that the correct amounts of tax are applied.
Shipping problemsThere is a good chance that the shopper has chosen the wrong country for delivery and therefore sees greater shipping costs than expected. There is also a good chance that you have inadvertently missed one or two settings when setting up FastCart, or that you have missed a decimal point in the shipping costs (ie, entered 150 instead of 1.50) or product weights. It is important to check these thoroughly.

Add the same products to your cart that the shopper added. Enter the same cardholder and delivery details as the shopper entered, including the country. Manually calculate what you think the cost of shipping should be and check it with the costs shown in FastCart. If these match, then it is likely that the shopper has made an error. If they do not match, it is likely that you have made an error in your settings.

If you believe the problem is with FastCart, ie, not applying the correct shipping or tax rates etc, notify us and we'll look into it. See the main Help page for contact details and for the information we require.
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