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Our Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation Services

We can provide a full web design and/or search engine optimisation service for virtually any website. We have many years of experience in web design and development and in search engine optimisation and promotion.

Our Rapid Rebuild service offers redesign and search engine optimisation for FastCart users. FastCart users already have their websites online and trading, so turnaround can be as little as 7 days. No fuss, no hassle, low cost.

Rapid Rebuild : Search Engine Optimisation

This is a quick, one-time rebuild and search engine optimisation service purely for FastCart users. The aim is to rebuild and optimise an existing (trading) website quickly with the minimum of fuss and minimum cost. Normal turnaround can be as little as 7 days.

As standard, the Rapid Rebuild service includes:
  • Use existing web design - we use your existing web design to reduce costs and turnround time, and to retain the look and feel of your existing site
  • Restructure your website - we restructure websites to remove frames, improve navigation, and generally make it easier for shoppers to find the products and information they need. If necessary, we reorganise products / product types / policies etc into logical sections and create new web pages to increase the opportunities for search engine optimisation
  • Modify web page layouts - change layout of individual web pages (normally only the product pages) to include important information "above the fold" - for example, a product page should have the product image, description, price and Add to Cart buttons clearly visible without forcing the user to scroll down or click other links
  • Search engine optimisation - we fully optimise the important web pages (for example, product pages) using the keywords that people are actually using in search engines - optimisation will include <title> and <meta> tags, <h1> headings, text content, links and so on. Keywords will be included in your URLs as standard. Old pages will redirect to the new pages.
  • 404 Error Page - a standard error page to redirect users to your home page if the page they were looking for is no longer there (only available if your web host allows 404 error pages)
  • Site Map - normally a single page listing all other pages on your site - useful for search engines and for visitors
  • HTML Validation - all sites / pages are validated to HTML / XHTML web standards as far as possible *
  • Accessibility - all pages are checked to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act as far as possible *
For speed and convenience, we use a simple pricing structure. Costs will vary according to the actual site and the amount of work done, but as a general guide, allow:
£150+VAT fixed admin fee, payable in advance
£20+VAT per static HTML page including search engine optimisation
Pricing and services for database driven websites will be quoted for separately.

Rapid Rebuild + : Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation

As above, but with a new web design based on templates or designs provided by you. We take your design or template and create HTML / XHTML / CSS code compliant with web standards and also with accessibility requirements*. We then rebuild your entire site to use the new design, optimising pages for search engines and for sales. Due to the additional work involved, the timescales for completion will normally be about 14-21 days.

There are tens of thousands of professional quality web templates available, some completely free of charge, others costing just a few pounds. We can help you choose a suitable template if necessary. If you provide your own design, it should be a complete design, not just a logo.

Again we use a simple pricing structure. As a general guide, allow:
£150+VAT fixed admin fee, payable in advance
£200+VAT fixed design / template modifications fee payable in advance
£25+VAT per static HTML page including search engine optimisation

Most templates require modifications to meet HTML / XHTML / CSS standards compliance and to streamline bloated code. Templates normally include copies of all graphics and logos required, without the text, plus any fonts required. We add the text to these images in the required fonts and colours.

Other Design and Development Work

We can provide a full range of web design, development and search engine optimisation services. We can also modify and optimise database driven websites built with PHP and MySQL, ASP and Access,, Perl (CGI) scripts, ColdFusion and so on. We can convert PHP / Perl sites to use search engine friendly URLs.

We do not provide Flash design as websites built entirely with Flash will generally not be well ranked in search engines. However, we can rebuild Flash websites into standard HTML, retaining a similar look and feel to the original Flash website.

Costs for these and other services will be quoted for separately.

Contact Us

If you would like a quote for web design and search engine optimisation, please , remembering to tell us:
Your Name
Your Company / Trading Name
Your Web Address
Your Email Address
and anything you need to ask. We will reply as soon as possible.


Please note that search engine optimisation itself does not bring instant results; it will take time for search engines to respider your website and update their databases. All search engines work at different paces with their own spidering and update schedules. In general, allow at least months before optimisation takes effect. It may happen sooner, but we cannot guarantee it. If you need instant results, we recommend that you use Overture pay per click advertising at least until the search engine optimisation takes effect.

Also please note that search engine optimisation alone does not guarantee top rankings. Please see our search engine optimisation page for more information.

* - If your existing design or chosen template is not compliant with HTML / XHTML or accessibility standards, your rebuilt and optimised website may not be fully compliant either. The focus of Rapid Rebuild is optimisation for search engines and for sales. However, we will endeavour to make your site as compliant and accessible as possible within the limits of your current design or chosen template. If you require full HTML / XHTML standards compliance or full accessibility compliance for your existing design, we will be happy to discuss this with you and quote separately for additional work.
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